Four Core Functions

At the Dernek, there are four primary ways we to try to serve our community.

English Services

  • As native English speakers, we can offer English conversation practice. We look to provide people with the opportunity to practice speaking English in a relaxed and casual environment. While we also seek to teach English rules and grammar, we value and provide opportunities for people to practice speaking in each session. Hosting an English lesson every Tuesday evening is a core part of what we do each week at the Dernek.



  • At the Dernek, we love sports, and have found that a lot of other people do too. We’re proud to have been a part of bringing the first American football equipment to Turkey 14 years ago for the country’s first American football clinic. During American football season, we enjoy hosting watch parties and introducing people to one of America’s favorite sports. We also love baseball and have been fortunate enough to help sponsor a local team as well as running a baseball batting cage at local sports festivals such as Sports Fest at Boğaziçi University. In addition to all of this, many members of our staff coach basketball at a local high school and enjoy playing in their spare time. We believe that sports are a great activity to do with friends and an important way to participate in our community.



  • We believe that one of the best ways we can serve those around us is through charitable action. On a regular basis, we distribute food and clothing to families in need and seek to help local refugees settle in local houses. Before each school year, we use our resources to obtain school supplies for local elementary schools and we work with other local associations, such as the Boğaziçi Handicap Association, the Sarıyer Municipality Women’s Services, and the Sarıyer Municipality Handicap Services. We are always looking for new ways that we can serve our community through charitable actions.


International Cultural Exchange

  • One of our favorite things to do is to introduce our American friends to Turkish culture and to introduce our Turkish friends to American culture. The Dernek enjoys hosting American visitors in Istanbul throughout the year, giving them an opportunity to sit and speak with local people. This allows American visitors the opportunity to see Turkey through the eyes of the people that live and work here every day, and it gives English learners the opportunity to be able to sit and speak with native English speakers. Each summer we have American exchange students join us to participate in activities at the Dernek. We also enjoy throwing parties for important American holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, allowing local people the opportunity to learn about our holidays as they participate with us in our celebrations.

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